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Wireless Password Recovery v6.4.5
Some minor improvements, modifications, and a bug fix
Office password recovery tools
Guaranteed password recovery for Microsoft Office documents with 40-bit encryption
Reset Windows Password v10.5
Introducing system and interface restrictions editor
WPA password recovery benchmarks
New CPU and GPU devices

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Word Password Recovery 2.0.0

Passcape_Admin, 08:31:23 06.05.2014 Rating: 0 #1

Word Password Recovery 2.0.0  

New version of the program has been submitted it supports for NVidia Maxwell GPUs and AVX2 instruction set.
Anonym, 06:06:18 27.08.2015 Rating: 0 #2

Word Password Recovery  

Thanks for your nice post. Here is a simple tool for you to reset Word password. Smartkey Word Password Recovery is good choice for you to recover lost Word password.
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