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How can I create Gmail Account Backups ?

Anonym, 13:27:37 26.10.2017 Rating: 0 #1

How can I create Gmail Account Backups ?  

Hi How can I create gmail account backup please help me to creating the backup of my gmail account without installing MS outlook to my PC if there is any alternet way to please let me know 
Passcape_Admin, 15:11:44 26.10.2017 Rating: 0 #2

RE: How can I create Gmail Account Backups ?  

Hi. Unfortunately, we have no backup tools. However if you need access to your account informaion only, you can use Outlook Password Recovery that shows information for all found Outlook accounts.
Anonym, 11:40:26 01.12.2017 Rating: 0 #3

gmail account backup  

hope passcape will help you in this
Anonym, 15:26:11 06.01.2021 Rating: 0 #4

No Subject  

If you're signed in, the Google Takeout screen appears:
  • Use Google Takeout for Gmail email backups.

  • To back up your Gmail account make sure the slider is to the right.

  • Back up specific Gmail labels.

  • Choose Gmail backup archive formats.

  • An email notifies you that your Gmail backup is ready for review.

  • Click OK to finish connecting your Gmail account to your desktop account. Your accounts are connected. 

You'll receive an email message with the subject line: Microsoft Outlook Test Message in your Outlook inbox. In your Gmail inbox, you'll get the same message. 

From this point forward, messages sent to your Gmail address will also be sent to MS Outlook. Even if you were to lose access to your Gmail account, you can still access your Gmail messages through Outlook. Remember though, if you delete a message from your Gmail account, it will be removed from your Outlook inbox as well.

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