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Modifying account properties and flags

alice, 00:49:54 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #1

Modifying account properties and flags  

I have the current version of Reset Windows Password and Windows Pro 10.18363
I deliberately locked a local account by too many incorrect passwords (for testing purposes) and verified this by attempting to logon.
However, the account does not show as Locked out when viewing the account properties with RWP. I could not find a way to unlock the account from within the program. Setting / Clearing the Locked out flag had no effect.
As a work around I activated the Administrator account then used
  • net user  /active:yes

to unlock the account.  Have I missed somthing obvious?

alice, 09:37:53 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #2

No Subject  

I meant to say  above
  • net user /active:yes

​​​​​​​excuse they typo
alice, 09:40:24 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Hmm forum does like  "< " or " > "
 that should read as   -  net user   user_name    /active:yes

IvanO, 10:18:23 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #4

RE: Modifying account properties and flags  

Hi Alice,
Well the lockout policy is a bit misleading in Windows. In fact, an account can be locked in 2 ways:
  • Directly using the account lock flag. That is what the program wipes out preventially when resetting a password. You can also turn this flag ('Account is locked out') on/off in Account properties dialog.

  • Indirectly. For example, trying out too many passwords. That's what you did. In this case, the local or domain lockout policy comes into play.

The program just ignores the local lockout policy because it usually locks the account for several minutes. The numbers are fully configurable through the secpol.msc though.
I guess, it would be a good idea to check these settings additionally from the program.
alice, 16:59:55 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #5

No Subject  

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the response. I shall check out your suggestions and links.

FYI, the October 2019 release of RWP does show the accounts as Locked and correctly shows the Locked status flag. 

IvanO, 17:59:21 17.04.2020 Rating: 0 #6

RE: Modifying account properties and flags  

Got it, thanks. By the way, the program also has a local/domain policy editor. But it is limited to some password flags only. I guess (at least I hope so) the next version will got new options to edit the lockout policy flags as well.
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