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Windows Password Recovery v1.1.3

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Windows Password Recovery v1.1.3

Windows Password Recovery v1.1.3 is available. This version has a lot of improvements and modifications in recovery engine. Some stuff was rewritten completely. The main aim of the changes is to make the program able to be able to operate with large lists of hashes. We tested it for 500000 items.
 Fixed error in hash search engine. The program was unable to find some passwords after list items had been sorted or deleted.
 Fixed column sort bug (to perform better sorting for numbers, dates, etc.)
 Fixed hash removal bug. Checked items were not deleted properly sometimes.
 Minor memory bug in ZIP decryption engine.
 A number of optimizations to operate with extra large (>10000) lists of hashes
 Some optimization were done for faster NTLM hashes recovery
 Recovery engine was rewritten partially in order to be able to process tens or even hundreds of thousands hashes
 Passcape Password Prediction engine was optimized to get rid of slow performance during recovery
 A lot of changes to make program compatible with GPU recovery engine

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