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Windows Password Recovery v1.3

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Windows Password Recovery v1.3

Passcape Software, a software development company, known for the effective programs for recovering passwords to popular Internet browsers, e-mail clients, etc., has released Windows Password Recovery v1.3, thoroughgoing Windows safety analysis and password recovery product.

Windows Password Recovery is a powerful network security analyzer and Windows password recovery utility. Compared to other programs, the mechanism of the program is easy-to-use and includes three general steps: loading password hashes into the program; recovering passwords from hashes; an analysis of the results. One more advantage is that password hashes can be imported from a wide range of data storage and the program is a smart solution when a user deals with a remote computer, SAM or NTDS.DIT files directly, volume shadow copies, system restore points, backup directories and other programs.

Some effective types of attacks on password hashes were designed by Passcape and are used by this program only, the recovery engine may be used diversely with each attack having its own intelligent feature. A dictionary attack, as an example, operates with ASCII, UNICODE, UTF8 and PCD dictionaries and is able to load additional dictionaries from the Internet.

One of the attractive key features is support for both 32 - and 64-bit operating systems, history hashes, Active Directory (domain's user accounts) and an unlimited number of hashes processed simultaneously. Windows Password Recovery guarantees multi-threading with one of the fastest in its class search speed of the passwords. The program also has a report generator which allows analyzing and gathering statistics about the details of the recovery process, attacks used, CPU speed, etc.

Other benefits are useful add-ins, extended to discoverer of passwords in asterisks ****, utility to create registry and Active Directory backups, utility to reset passwords directly in SAM or NTDS.DIT. New plug-ins are being developed for the convenience of programmers.

Windows Password Recovery v1.3 is a handy integrated software product to recover passwords for Windows, standing out with the advanced graphic interface, multi-threading and hash importing support. Lifetime updates and tech support are also available.

Pricing and Availability
Windows Password Recovery v1.3 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Win 7. A single user license price starts from 65 USD.
Further information on the product, as well as its free trial version, can be found at the product page.

Product page link: https://www.passcape.com/windows_password_recovery
Download link: https://www.passcape.com/download/wpr.zip
Website: https://www.passcape.com

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