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Windows Password Recovery v2.0

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.8.5
Minor update and bug fix
Reset Windows Password v13.2
A new feature for removing junk files and cleaning up registry files.
Windows Password Recovery v15.3.0
Windows Credentials Explorer
Reset Windows Password v13.1
Forensic tools to analyze Remote Desktop activity in Windows

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Windows Password Recovery v2.0

 New Fingerprint Attack.
 Simplified fingerprint analysis upon regular attack completion.
 LSA Secrets Dumper.
Domain Cached Credentials explorer.
A set of wordlist tools.
Added 3 new mutation rules. Affects all attacks where password mutation is implemented.
 Artificial Intelligence attack can index UTF8-based text files now.
The program is smart enough now to recover plaintext passwords using Windows Password Reset Disk.
 Added 9 new word-lists (Facebook names and social network's passwords) to the Passcape Online database:
  1. facebook-firstlast.pcd, 30.7 Mb, 17 285 798 words
  2. facebook-lastfirst.pcd, 15.1 Mb, 10 342 928 words
  3. facebook-first.pcd, 7.4 Mb, 4 347 667 words
  4. facebook-last.pcd, 9.4 Mb, 5 369 437 words
  5. hotmail.pcd, 70 Kb, 8 101 words
  6. international_curse.pcd, 20 Kb, 20 404 words
  7. rockyou.pcd, 147.1 Mb, 14 344 385 words
  8. russian_curse.pcd, 56 Kb, 4 504 words
  9. vkontakte.pcd, 0.5 Mb, 44 436 words
Chinese translation for the user interface.
Mutation engine was enforced by a set of 6 new mutation rules.
The program has new disk-write engine now. It affects the following tools: project exporter, log saver, random hash generator, dictionary to hash generator, PCD files reader, fingerprint dictionary generator, mask dictionary generator, combined dictionary generator. Up to several times speedup in dictionary creation.
 Online dictionaries list is loaded and processed faster now.
The program warning now when the password cache is too big.
 Some improvements in Artificial Intelligence attack.
  Windows Password Recovery sevice has been changed to process LSA secrets and extract more plaintext passwords both from local system and from external registry files.
Active Directory plaintext passwords are handled more accurately now. Active Directory plaintext passwords are used if either DOMAIN_PASSWORD_STORE_CLEARTEXT flag or
msDS-PasswordReversibleEncryptionEnabled account property were set on.
More accurate SYSKEY handling.
 Password caching algorithm has been improved slightly. Project load and SamInside import works a bit faster.
Several enhancements in 'Import from binary registry' module. The program can extract more plaintext passwords now.
 Password cache engine has been reconstructed.
New Opera v11.10 wand.dat file format is supported both by Artificial Intelligence attack and by dictionary generation utility now. Both can extract Opera search field history as well.
 Some algorithms in password mutation engine have been improved.
Progress save algorithm has been revised significantly. Now it is project-dependent.
Mask attack improvements. It runs much better on multi-core CPUs now.
  Fixed display problems painting pie slices in chart report control.
Fixed some English grammatical errors.
Improvement in PCD reader engine. Some corrupted *.pcd word-lists may caused program to fail.
Fixed error in Passcape Online dictionaries engine. Windows Password Recovery failed to download specific dictionaries sometimes from the online database.
Custom charsets in batch mask attack were saved/loaded to project file incorrectly.
Time conversion bug. Time to string conversion routine worked incorrectly sometimes.
SYSKEY read bug in password reset plug-in. The program crashed sometimes and was unable to read SYSKEY if it had been configured as a startup password or boot diskette.
 Fixed problem with temporary directory creation.
 Fixed serious problem reading UTF8-based word-lists.
Fixed 'Browse for folder' dialog bug. It hung sometimes when called (well-known Windows 7 bug).
 Fixed error in  Artificial Intelligence attack (wireless connection module). Some wireless passwords were not decoded properly.
 Fixed some problems in Google Chrome decryption module of Artificial Intelligence attack.
Fixed multivolume bug in cab archive extraction module.
 Fixed IFilter memory allocation bug. The error may caused memory blocks not to be dealocated during Artificial Intelligence attack.
Fixed yet another serious problem in Artificial Intelligence attack. It used to hung the program sometimes.
Fixed dictionary attack bug caused by improper progress save (it was impossible to continue the attack from the last saved position).
 Fixed a minor problem in Combined Dictionary attack.
Fixed a bug in password mutation module. Affects the following attacks: Artificial Intelligence, Dictionary, Base-word.

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