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Windows Password Recovery v4.0.6

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Windows Password Recovery v4.0.6

 New password recovery method invented in our company: Passcape rainbow table attack.
 Passcape rainbow table generation tool.
 Added new files with sets of rules for Hybrid Dictionary attack.
 Added several brand-new mutation rules. This feature affects all attacks.
 New simple reports for saving cracked user names or passwords. Now you can save the full list of cracked accounts and passwords to text file.
 Mutation customization in Dictionary attack. All mutations are clustered into 16 groups. Now you can handle each mutation group separately. For example, turning off mutation for non-english passwords allows to speed up recovery process drastically, etc.
 New keyboard sequences in Preliminary analysis. More keyboard-based passwords can be recovered in Preliminary attack now.
 6 new reports were added to account statistics:
  1. Last 10 failed logon accounts
  2. Last 10 changed passwords
  3. Last 10 successful logons
  4. Last 10 logoffs
  5. Expired soon accounts
  6. Regular vs. never expired passwords
 Support for packed word-lists. Now you can use RAR or ZIP archive as input dictionaries for any attack. There are some restrictions however: only ZIP and RAR archives are supported currently, ZIP archives should be compressed using deflate encoding only.
 Some broken help links were repaired.
 DPAPI search bug fixed. Sometimes the program failed into endless loop when user clicked STOP button in DPAPI BLOB search mode.
 Windows Password Recovery stuck for big list of hashes in Rainbow table attacks due to non-optimal hash preparation. New algorithm implementation allows to get ride of the problem.
 Fixed Windows 2000 compatibility bug. The program failed to start under some Windows 2000 systems.
 Dictionary cache error. Some PCD word-lists were not cached properly.
 Fixed a couple of minor problems in load/save Batch attack settings module.
 Account statistics were not handled correctly if SYSKEY feature for SAM or NTDS.DIT file were set to "Startup Password". Revised now.
 Some minor problems in report view were corrected.
 Some changes in product licensing.
 Improvements in Active Directory reader engine. Some NTDS.DIT files (taken from Windows 2008 R2) were not parsed by the program. Revised now.
 More efficient display of the progress in rainbow attacks.
 Better memory management in Fingerprint attack.
 Improvements in wordlist packer engine.
 In reports you can set legend position to allow it to overlap the chart it belongs to.
 Now you can additionally save data to text file in some reports.

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