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Windows Password Recovery v6.0.

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Windows Password Recovery v6.0.

New version of Windows Password Recovery v6.0 has been submitted. Below is the list of changes.

 GPU temperature and usage monitor.
 At last we have came up with a long-awaiting and brand-new dictionary-force attack (based on GPU).
 Dictionary generator tool in Pass-phrase recovery.
 In Combined dictionary attack new useful word insertion feature was added in addition to common mutations. Now you can insert words from second dictionary directly into words from dictionary 1.
 Custom color selection in reports. Users can create their own report color themes now.
 Now the program supports the most of 32- and 64-bit Windows systems when decrypting plaintext password of the current user account.
 Three new ultra mutation modes in phrase attack.
 Error in GPU engine. Some GPU modules were not decrypted properly. That caused the program failed unexpectedly.
 Error in regular rainbow tables engine. Non-English passwords were not handled correctly. Affects both rainbow table attack and rainbow table generator tool.
 Error in Passcape rainbow tables. Password longer than 27 characters were handled incorrectly.
 HomeGroup plaintext password in Windows 7 was not decrypted properly sometimes.
 Better Windows 8 RC compatibility.
 Phrase attack for LM hashes has been speed up slightly, new base mutations were added.
 The following built-in word-lists were refreshed: wpr.pcd, common.pcd, combdic.pcd.
 Several minor improvements.

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