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Reset Windows Password v2.2.4

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Reset Windows Password v2.2.4

 New version of Reset Windows Password has been submitted. Below is a list of changes:

 The program is fully compatible with Windows 8, supports new LiveID accounts now. Actually this is the first program that supports password resetting for LiveID. Be careful to use other programs! You can get into troubles because if you are using other tool to reset your password for Windows 8 LiveID account, you will get your account lost !
 New plain-text password recovery module for Windows 8 has been implemented. It allows to extract text passwords for all user accounts with picture password or PIN authentication set.
 Now the program extracts user clear-text passwords for accounts with fingerprint logon. UPEK and Windows biometric records are supported.
 Windows Vista/7/8 WPA-PSK password decryption.
 French language interface added (thanks goes to Laurent Debard).
Reset Windows Password bootable disk contains no "Press any key to boot from .." prompt any more. The disk should boot up automatically.
 Storage driver pack has been updated to support new hardware.
 A lot of changes in DPAPI offline recovery module to make it compatible with Windows 8.
 Password lookup algorithm was enhanced slightly.
 Some HomeGroup account passwords were decoded improperly in Windows 8. Fixed.
 Artificial Intelligence recovery failed sometimes with critical error.
 Critical error in password reset algorithm.

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