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Reset Windows Password v6.0

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Reset Windows Password v6.0

New version of our Reset Windows Password has been released which includes the following changes:

 Migration to a new boot environment. It gives better compatibility with some PCs/laptops which come with preinstalled Windows 8/10 OSes. A drawback of this migration is that the boot image became a little bit fatter.
 New set of Win 8 compatible drivers.
 USB boot module of the ISO burner utility has been totally rewritten. Now it has several burning modes to get better BIOS and UEFI compatibility. The 'max compatibility' mode allows creating bootable USB drives that can be run under BIOS and UEFI simultaneously.
 Dictionary recovery (when searching for user logon passwords and SYSKEY plaintext password) has been rewritten completely. Now it performs a bit smarter and uses brand-new dictionaries that include top-used words for the following languages (Standard and Advanced editions only): Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
 Fixed a problem in one of the modules that searched for simple passwords. The password analysis was not working as expected.

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