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Windows Password Recovery v14.2

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Windows activity timeline, Windows clipboard history, etc.
Windows Password Recovery v14.3
Preliminary support for Windows 11
Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook
Reset Windows Password v11.3
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You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Windows Password Recovery v14.2

A new version of the Windows Password Recovery  is ready for download and update now.
 This version includes a new event notification feature that can be used for automation and remote password auditing. For example, you can set up notifications so that to inform you via email once a password is found and then to shut down the program or computer.
 Update for French and Russian interfaces. Thanks, Laurent Debard.
 Significant improvement of the hash reading algorithm:
 When loading hashes from binary files (for example, from Windows registry), the program automatically tries to decrypt all Internet passwords of the last logged on user for the following browsers: 7Star, Amigo, Brave, Centbrowser, Chedot, Canary, Chromium, Coccoc, Comodo Dragon, Elements, Google Chrome, Kometa, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Orbitum, QQ Browser, Sputnik, Torch, UC Browser, Uran, Vivaldi. In order to be able to do it instantly, the program uses the DPAPI flaw our company discovered recently. In certain cases, that helps to decrypt some logon passwords almost instantly regardless of the password complexity.

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