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Reset Windows Password v11.4
Windows activity timeline, Windows clipboard history, etc.
Windows Password Recovery v14.3
Preliminary support for Windows 11
Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook
Reset Windows Password v11.3
New forensic utilities, support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Company news

We at Passcape are attentive to the ever changing needs of our clients. Those needs and suggestions for change are reflected on this page. Here we will display an up-to-date listing of changes to our Web site, notices regarding product updates, scheduled releases of new versions of existing programs, and scheduled release dates for new programs.

Problems and solutions that may affect all customers are sometimes discovered. Those issues will also be posted on this page. We make every effort to correct problems reported to us by you, the consumer. Those corrections and the timeline for when the fix will be available for download or shipment will be posted here.

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Date News Message
08.01.2020   Windows Password Recovery 12.2
25.12.2019   Happy holidays!
19.12.2019   Wireless Password Recovery v6.1.3
09.12.2019   Reset Windows Password v9.5
06.12.2019   Wireless Password Recovery v6.1
02.12.2019   Windows Password Recovery 12.1
28.11.2019   Black Friday
16.10.2019   Reset Windows Password v9.4
02.10.2019   Windows Password Recovery 12.0
13.09.2019   Windows Mail Password Recovery v2.1
24.06.2019   Reset Windows Password v9.3
11.06.2019   New article
10.06.2019   Windows Password Recovery 11.7
24.05.2019   Wireless Password Recovery v6.0.1
15.05.2019   Internet Explorer Password Recovery v5.1
15.05.2019   Windows Mail Password Recovery
07.05.2019   Passcape Win CD Keys v 2.9
13.03.2019   Reset Windows Password v9.2
24.01.2019   Reset Windows Password v9.1
25.12.2018   Happy holidays!
18.12.2018   Open Office Password Cracker v2.6
11.12.2018   Office password recovery tools
06.12.2018   Windows Password Recovery 11.6
27.11.2018   Reset Windows Password v9.0.1
26.11.2018   Wireless Password Recovery v5.0.2
23.11.2018   Black Friday
15.11.2018   Mozilla Password Recovery
14.11.2018   Reset Windows Password v9
16.10.2018   Passcape Wordlist Collection
24.09.2018   Wireless Password Recovery v5.0
27.07.2018   Wireless Password Recovery v4.3.5
22.06.2018   Reset Windows Password v8.4
31.05.2018   Windows Password Recovery v11.5.3
09.03.2018   Reset Windows Password v8.3
21.02.2018   Windows Password Recovery v11.4.1
16.02.2018   Wirerless Password Recovery v4.2.8
12.01.2018   Reset Windows Password v8.2
25.12.2017   Happy holidays!
27.11.2017   Cyber Monday Deals
03.11.2017   Reset Windows Password v8.1
02.11.2017   Windows Password Recovery v 11.3
19.10.2017   New blog post
11.10.2017   Wireless Password Recovery 4.2.5
04.10.2017   Office password recovery tools
22.09.2017   Reset Windows Password v8.0
15.09.2017   Wireless Password Recovery 4.2.2
05.09.2017   Passcape Wordlist Collection
25.08.2017   New blog post
07.07.2017   OpenOffice Password Cracker 2.4.0
06.07.2017   Reset Windows Password v7.2.0
29.05.2017   Wireless Password Recovery v4.1.5
25.04.2017   Reset Windows Password v7.1.0
29.03.2017   Wireless Password Recovery v4.0.3
17.03.2017   Windows Password Recovery 11.2
27.01.2017   Wireless Password Recovery v4.0
24.01.2017   Reset Windows Password v7.0.5
27.12.2016   Happy New Year!
27.12.2016   Windows Password Recovery v11.1
06.12.2016   New blog post
30.11.2016   WPA password recovery benchmarks
25.11.2016   Black Friday
21.11.2016   IncrediMail Password Recovery
17.11.2016   TheBat! Password Recovery v1.8
21.10.2016   Windows Password Recovery v11
18.10.2016   Reset Windows Password v 6.5
10.10.2016   Reset Windows Password v 6.4
29.09.2016   Wireless Password Recovery v3.9.0
09.09.2016   Reset Windows Password v 6.3.1
22.08.2016   Reset Windows Password v6.3
06.07.2016   MS Office Password Recovery tools
05.07.2016   Windows Password Recovery v10.4
01.07.2016   Outlook Password Recovery v3.0
30.06.2016   Wireless Password Recovery 3.8.0
21.06.2016   Wireless Password Recovery 3.7.1
14.05.2016   Windows Password Recovery v10.3
12.05.2016   Wireless Password Recovery 3.7.0
04.05.2016   Reset Windows Password v6.1
04.05.2016   Passcape ISO Burner v2.1
13.02.2016   Office password recovery utilities
18.01.2016   Passcape ISO Burner v2.0
18.01.2016   Reset Windows Password v6.0
23.12.2015   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
18.12.2015   Windows Password Recovery v10.2.3
10.11.2015   Windows Password Recovery v10.2
23.10.2015   Wireless Password Recovery 3.6.1
07.10.2015   Wireless Password Recovery 3.6.0
09.09.2015   Reset Windows Password 5.3.0
24.08.2015   Windows Password Recovery v10.1
12.08.2015   Internet Explorer Password Recovery v5
24.07.2015   Mozilla Password Recovery 5.7
21.07.2015   Windows Password Recovery v10
10.06.2015   Wireless Password Recovery v3.5.2
08.06.2015   Reset Windows Password 5.1.5
27.05.2015   Reset Windows Password 5.1.3
19.02.2015   Windows Password Recovery v9.8.3
10.02.2015   Wireless Password Recovery v3.5.1
02.02.2015   Wireless Password Recovery v3.5
22.01.2015   Windows Password Recovery v9.8.2
15.01.2015   OpenOffice Password Cracker 2.2.0
06.01.2015   Office password recovery

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