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Password Recovery Software
Windows Password Recovery v15.3.0
Windows Credentials Explorer
Reset Windows Password v13.1
Forensic tools to analyze Remote Desktop activity in Windows
Wireless Password Recovery v6.8.1
New templates to seach for default passwords of some broadband WiFi routers
Reset Windows Password v13.0
Full support for Windows 11, duplicate file finder, checksum calculator and some new tools

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Wireless password recovery benchmarks

wireless speed benchmarksA new update for WPA password recovery speed benchmarks was submitted. Over 220 CPU and 260 GPU devices.

Passcape forum

Password recovery forumWelcome to our forum on Windows security and password recovery. You can also post your questions/problems here.

Password Recovery Software

Password recovery is an important and sometimes daunting task. The purpose of this Web site is to enhance the password recovery service we provide to our customers. You can learn about our products, find programs to help you resolve password problems, and suggest improvements to help us better serve you.

All our programs can be organized in several categories:
Recovering/resetting/extracting Windows logon passwords.
Decrypting passwords to popular Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.
Revealing passwords to popular e-mail clients: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook, TheBat!, Eudora, IncrediMail and Windows Mail.
Recovering Windows network passwords.
MS Office, OpenOffice and LibreOffice password recovery.
Other products

Windows Password ResetReset Windows Password

Reset Windows Password stands for the most powerful solution for resetting and recovering lost Windows passwords. Once you forgot your administrator password or need instant access to a locked account, just run the program from a bootable CD or USB drive. It's a matter of a few minutes.
The program supports all versions of Windows, works with Active Directory, uses artificial intelligence for recovering plaintext passwords, has a lot of unique forensic tools and features.


Recover Windows PasswordWindows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery is a rapidly growing comprehensive solution for recovering forgotten Windows passwords, as well as analyzing Windows operating systems' security. The solution has a modern and easily customizable user interface, broad range of attacks, constantly expanding set of plug-ins, extended set of reports and statistics, and unique, used nowhere else in the world password recovery techniques.


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