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Internet Explorer Password Recovery
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Internet Explorer Password Recovery

Internet Explorer Password Recovery

Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery (PIEPR) is a comprehensive solution for recovering all types of Internet Explorer saved passwords: cached credentials, FTP passwords, Internet Explorer AutoForm and AutoComplete fields, AutoComplete passwords, synchronization passwords, Identities, Content Advisor password. It's the first program in the world that can decrypt Internet Explorer passwords manually from registry binary files.


  • Unlike other Internet Explorer password recovery utilities, PIEPR reveals ALL types of Internet Explorer passwords;
  • Manage the Content Advisor password;
  • Migrate Internet Explorer passwords (as well as AutoComplete data, IE FTP accounts, and Wininet credentials) from one operating system to another;
  • Turn on/off Internet Explorer password caching;
  • Decrypt passwords directly from Windows registry files. If your system is unbootable, just copy Windows registry files to a floppy or flash drive and then feed it to PIEPR;
  • Uncover Internet Explorer passwords hidden behind asterisks;
  • View and organize IE cookies, cached entries, favorites, typed URLs;
  • Remove or add new custom Internet Explorer password resources;
  • Export passwords to text, HTML or Excel files;
  • Multilingual passwords support;
  • Three recovery modes. Good for newbies and gurus alike;
  • Friendly wizard interface;
  • Detailed help;
  • Install/uninstall support.

How it looks like
Internet Explorer Password Recovery tips and screenshots
Additional screenshots with new features
Recovering Internet Explorer 7 - 9 passwords for gurus
Password protection in Internet Explorer 10-11

How it works
Recovering Internet Explorer Passwords  2.5 Мб, 1024x768, flash video
Recovering Internet Explorer 7 - 9 password in manual mode  2.8 Мб, 1024x768, flash video
Content Advisor password  1.3 Мб, 1024x768, flash video
Recovering IE asterisk passwords  1.5 Mb, 1024x768, flash video

Windows XP or higher OS, less than 4 Mb on your hard drive.

Internet Explorer versions 4 - 11 and all versions of Microsoft Edge are supported.

Supported languages
English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Chinese, Ukrainian.

Administrator privileges are highly recommended.
Please note that Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 stores all personal information related to Internet Explorer in the registry file (NTUSER.DAT). And Windows 95/98/ME stores Internet Explorer passwords and personal information in Password List Files (*.PWL). The PIEPR manual recovery mode supports only Windows NT - 10.
Internet Explorer 7,8 and 9 implement an extremely sophisticated type of data protection. Now the program is fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and reveals IE 7 - 11 passwords both in automatic and manual recovery modes.
Also note please, that some Web sites like yahoo.com, youtube.com, verizon.com, blackberry.com, myspace.com, etc. prevent passwords from being stored by browsers (no matter what your browser is). They instead have their own data encryption mechanism, thus the program shall not probably be able to decrypt any private information related to these Web sites.

Known issues and bugs
The program, although contains no harmful code, may be detected by some anti-virus/anti-spyware software as potentially dangerous or 'potentially unwanted program'. This is also known as 'False Alert', and it's quite a common problem for all password recovery software.

Technical support
All Passcape registered products include FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Register the program and get all new versions for FREE and for LIFE.

An unregistered version of Passcape Internet Explorer Password Recovery shows only the first 3 characters of decrypted passwords and has some functional limitations. After the program is purchased, you'll get:

  • Registration key that eliminates all limitations of the DEMO version
  • Priority lifetime technical support
  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • Help in solving out passwords recovery problems

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