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The History of Users' IP Addresses in Windows OS

11:15:49 01.03.2024 posted by Passcape_Admin at 11:15:49 01.03.2024   |  0 Comments 
Brief overview Understanding External IP Addresses     What is an external I ...
Categories: Articles
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Implementation flaw in Windows Hello biometrics

Brief overview OSes affected What is Windows Hello biometrics? What is DPAPI? Description of t ...
Categories: Articles
Rating:  RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (Ø 7.67)

Passcape Wireless Password Recovery: using the program's intelligence to automate the password recovery process for wireless networks

The current wireless networking standard uses a well-tested and reliable hashing function based on ...
Categories: Articles
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Total recall: optimizing recovery process for Windows PINs based on dates

09:59:47 03.04.2020 posted by Passcape_Admin at 09:59:47 03.04.2020   |  0 Comments 
PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. But it is not just a number. It was first introduce ...
Categories: Articles
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Obscurity first

17:12:39 16.03.2020 posted by Passcape_Admin at 17:12:39 16.03.2020   |  0 Comments 
  That was Windows Security's stupid behavior again that compelled us for this desperate p ...
Categories: Articles
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Using Artificial Intelligence to decrypt Windows passwords.

15:42:35 01.10.2019 posted by Passcape_Admin at 15:42:35 01.10.2019   |  0 Comments 
Meet the new version of Windows Password Recovery with breakthrough technologies for recovering pa ...
Categories: Articles
Rating:  RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (Ø 7.83)

DPAPI security flaw in Windows 10

12:02:24 11.06.2019 posted by Passcape_Admin at 12:02:24 11.06.2019   |  0 Comments 
  Brief description What OS are affected? What is DPAPI? Previous DPAPI vulnerabilities Wh ...
Categories: Articles
Rating:  RatingRatingRatingRatingRating (Ø 7.48)

Farewell to Syskey!

15:11:44 19.10.2017 posted by Passcape_Admin at 15:11:44 19.10.2017   |  2 Comments 
Download the article as a PDF file, Hindi version, or Russian version Fare thee well, and ...
Categories: Articles
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Analyzing rule efficiency in a hybrid dictionary attack

11:34:10 25.08.2017 posted by Passcape_Admin at 11:34:10 25.08.2017   |  2 Comments 
  When it comes to password decryption, a hybrid dictionary attack is a very flexible and in ...
Categories: Articles
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Hash Encryption in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

11:59:40 06.12.2016 posted by Passcape_Admin at 11:59:40 06.12.2016   |  0 Comments 
Microsoft recently introduced a large anniversary update for Windows 10, one of its most popular o ...
Categories: Articles
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