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Opera Password Recovery
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Opera Password Recovery

Opera Password Recovery

Opera is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use web browser. It has a lot of security features. The Wand Password Manager is one of them. The Wand is very secure and its encryption is very strong. Our tool is one of the first on the Net that can successfully recover Opera Wand (AutoComplete password manager) and M2 (built-in e-mail client) stored passwords. It also has advanced features to recover forgotten Master Password.


  • Unlike other software, Opera password Recovery reveals all types of Opera saved passwords;
  • Recover lost Master Password;
  • Automatic and manual recovery modes;
  • View and organize Opera cookies, favorites, disk cache, files history, visited URLs history, and AutoComplete URLs;
  • Export passwords to text, HTML or Excel files;
  • Multilingual passwords support;
  • Friendly wizard interface;
  • Detailed help;
  • Install/uninstall support.

How it works
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Opera Master Password recovery guide

Windows XP or higher OS, less than 5 Mb on your hard drive.

Opera versions 7.x - 15.x are supported. For the newer versions, use our Reset Windows Password tool.

Supported languages
Afrikaans, Chinese, Czech, Deutsch, French, English, Hungarian, Italian, Nederlands, Norsk, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian.

Please note that if you lose or forget your Master Password (it is not set by default), you will not be able to decrypt your passwords. That's due to Opera's strong encryption algorithms. You can, however, try to recover the lost Master Password as well. Opera v15+ passwords can be recovered in automatic mode only.

Known issues and bugs
The program, although contains no harmful code, may be detected by some anti-virus/anti-spyware software as potentially dangerous or 'potentially unwanted program'. This is also known as 'False Alert', and it's quite a common problem for all password recovery software.

Technical support
All Passcape registered products include FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Register the program and get all new versions for FREE and for LIFE.

An unregistered version of Opera Password Recovery shows only the first 3 characters of the decrypted passwords and has some functional limitations. After the program is purchased, you'll get:

  • Registration key that eliminates all limitations of the DEMO version
  • Priority lifetime technical support
  • Free lifetime upgrade
  • Help in solving out passwords recovery problems

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Have a look at this page if you don't know how to download and install the application.