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Opera Password Recovery - more screenshots
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Opera v2.0 Password Recovery Screenshots

Opera Cookie Explorer is a new feature that was added to OPR v2.0 to help you to navigate through the Opera stored cookies. You may also remove all suspicious cookies from your local computer.

Opera cookie explorer



Opera's Disk cache is made up of temporary Internet files which Opera stores individually in the cache folder and helps to boost your internet speed drastically. The Disk Cache Explorer dialog allows to view the cached entries and to run the cached Web pages from the Opera local cache folder.

Opera disk cache explorer



Opera store all visited sites and linked files in a single database file. The File History Explorer dialog shows the linked files and sites, sorts them in various orders, and allows to remove them completely from your local computer.

Opera file history viewer



Opera global history contains all sites and Web pages (but not files) you have ever visited. You can view the global history or remove it if needed.

Opera URL history finder



View/remove Opera favorites (a list of web pages you've added to your bookmarks) in a single page. Each line in the list specifies the group name, the actual name of the item, the URL address, the item description, and the created/last visited dates of the bookmark item.

Opera favorites explorer



Each time you type a URL in the address bar, the URL is automatically added to the Opera database file. However, Opera doesn't allow you to view the URLs stored inside the database file. Opera typed URLs dialog allows you to view all previously typed URLs (it is also known as AutoComplete) or to remove them if required. You can also set the maximal number of item in the AutoComplete history.

Opera typed URLs viewer