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Windows tick-tock

13:11:06 27.09.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 13:11:06 27.09.2012

While assessing and analyzing new protection methods in various operating systems of the Windows family, we have come to a rather amusing suggestion: the release of new versions of the Windows operating system is based on pair recurrence.

Just like the tick-tock cycle with the release of Intel CPUs, one version of Windows undergoes a considerable rework and numerous innovations in the area of security (tick), while the next version (tock) appears as the refined previous one, featuring improved user interface and a minimum of new tools.

Despite the fact that some features are not so obvious, some things are still evident. Judge for yourself:

Tick Tock
2000 The released Windows 2000 contained an array of technical innovations (e.g., DPAPI, EFS, NTFS, Active Directory, etc.), but its interface left much to be desired. 2001 Windows XP was based on the Win2K code and offered an improved graphical user interface, what it won a well-deserved popularity among users for. Additionally, many bugs from the previous version have been fixed in Win XP. In particular, the holes in EFS and DPAPI have been patched.
2007 Windows Vista had a considerably revised technical part; again, the system had acquired numerous innovations: improved memory protection, DEP, UAC, ASLR, Bitlocker, Windows Defender, parental control, etc. 2009 On the other hand, Windows 7 was "finished" with a friendly interface, freed from numerous Vista's flaws and shortcomings.
2012 The security system in Windows 8 has been disemboweled so heavily that there is no doubt this is a version with lots of technical innovations. 2014 Windows 9 ???

So, a friendly interface and major bug fix should probably be expected in the ninth version of Windows, somewhere around 2014 ?

P.S. A funny picture found somewhere in the Internet.
Windows fun
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