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Windows 8.1 error loading hashes from remote machine /AD

iwddev, 18:06:02 03.07.2015 Rating: 0 #1

Windows 8.1 error loading hashes from remote machine /AD  


I'm having trouble loading hashes from remote machines (Windows domain controllers). I'm using a fully patched windows 8.1 machine trying to connect to a 2008 domain controller. When I connect to the same domain controller with windows 8 and the same version ow Windows Password Recover, I'm able to import the hashes. Below is the log of the attempt. Any pointers would be appreciated

Windows Password Recovery  v9.8.3.817
 Windows 8/Server 2012 v6.2.9200
 Windows x64 - Yes
 User Administrator - Yes
 Drive (C:) - fixed, NTFS, 337602 Mb free
 Drive 'D:' - CD-ROM
 Drive 'H:' - network
 Drive 'S:' - network
 Drive 'T:' - network
 Drive 'U:' - network
 Windows dir - C:Windows
 System dir - C:Windowssystem32
 Temp dir - C:UsersturnerfAppDataLocalTemp
 Profile dir - C:Usersturnerf
 Program dir - C:Program Files (x86)PasscapeWPR
 Program name - wpr.exe
 Program size - 6691840
 nvcuda 347.52
 Detected devices:  8 CPU cores
10:43:28 July 03 2015> Application started
10:43:30 July 03 2015> You have the latest version installed and running
10:43:38 July 03 2015> Importing from remote machine
10:43:38 July 03 2015> COMP: fsbdc
10:43:38 July 03 2015> SHARE: c$
10:43:38 July 03 2015> USER: domainusername
10:43:38 July 03 2015> system error 86
10:43:42 July 03 2015> Failed to run remote service: can't connect remote machine.
Passcape_Admin, 09:06:13 04.07.2015 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Windows 8.1 error loading hashes from remote machine /AD  

The current version of the program has a bug in retrieving hashes from 64-bit remote machines. Let me know if you need the beta version with this bug fixed. New version will also have an option to retrieve plaintext passwords remotely, if ones found.
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