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PowerPoint Password Recovery 2.5

Passcape_Admin, 15:51:14 11.12.2018 Rating: 0 #1

PowerPoint Password Recovery 2.5  

The program has been updated. The update includes support for new GPU devices, better speed when recovering PowerPoint 2013-2019 passwords using AMD GPUs, new rule-files for Hybrid dictionary attack, etc.
Anonym, 14:40:46 11.01.2021 Rating: 0 #2

No Subject  

Step 1: You need to change the PPT file extension to ‘.zip’ and click ‘Yes’ to proceed.
Step 2: After that, open the said file with WinRAR or WinZip.
Step 3: After the file is opened, the contents will be visible. Locate the ‘presentation.xml’ file.
Step 4: Then, create a copy of the said file and paste it on the desktop.
Step 5: Then, open the file with Notepad and press ‘Ctrl + F’ to open a dialog box. Type the word ‘modify’ there and click ‘Find Next’.
Step 6: Delete the ‘’ file, then save and close it.
Step 7: Again, copy the ‘presentation.xml’ file back into the ZIP folder and change the extension back to ‘.pptx’.
As you can see, the steps are a bit elaborate. But this method successfully removed the password protection from the file.

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