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Reset Windows Password v3.0

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Reset Windows Password v3.0

New version of the popular program has been submitted. Here's the list of changes and new features:

 Support for Windows Server 2012.
 Full support for Active Directory passwords that are stored using reversible encryption. As a matter of fact, Windows uses 2 different approaches to handle reversibly encrypted passwords. Reset Windows Password can now instantly extract and decrypt the reversibly encrypted passwords using both password encryption methods: prior and after Windows 2003.
 Added support for Diskpart and Chkdsk utilities.
 Support for network. Simple internet browser added as well.
 Multiple keyboard layout support. Now you can load any keyboard layout and use Alt+Shift combination to switch between them.
 New plaintext password recovery sub-module: most recently used file parser. Here's how it works:
  • First, the program enumerates, parses and collects words in recently used files and document folders.
  • Then it discards duplicates and performs smart mutation on the list of found words to expand the wordlist.
  • Finally, the expanded wordlist is used against the password hashes.
The use can select between fast and deep mutation.
Enhanced compatibility for specific Windows 2008 R2 domain accounts. Sometimes even if the domain account password was changed successfully, Windows server 2008 was unable to recognize the new password. The problem is fixed now.
 Several changes in Active Directory engine parser.
 More accurate handling of corrupted Active Directory databases.

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