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Wireless Password Recovery v6.1

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.1

The Wireless Password Recovery has been updated to version 6.1.2 which includes the following changes:

 Previous versions of the program had performance problems in some attacks if the recovery speed exceeded a couple of million passwords per second. The current version has some optimizations tricks to get maximum speed out of the top-performance hardware. Thanks to Ran Qiao for testing it out thoroughly and helping in figuring out some performance bottlenecks.
 The list of hardware vendors was updated in the MAC-to-vendor lookup utility.
 The attack progress code has been revised completely. Now the program can continue almost instantly a dictionary, a phrase or a hybrid attack (when a user chooses to continue from the last saved position). The previous versions were suffering from being taking too much time to do it if the dictionary size was big enough.
 Handshakes with empty SSIDs were not updating properly if a new SSID was set.
 If the CPU optimization option was not set and a user ran a multi-mode using CPU, the program failed to find the passwords.

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