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Reset Windows Password v9.8

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Reset Windows Password v9.8

Reset Windows Password has been updated to version v9.8. This update includes the following changes:

 VNC password recovery.
 Password recovery for Tortoise SVN accounts.
 Password recovery for Open VPN accounts.
 Searching for passwords stored in script and batch files on the local PC.
 RWP access password. Now you can protect your RWP USB drive with a startup password to prevent other people from being running the program and viewing your personal data.
 Brazilian Portuguese language interface. Thanks to Anderson Oliveira.
 Out-of-the-box support for some new HDD/SSD devices.
 Enhanced algorithm for unlocking BitLocker-encrypted drives.
 Enhanced algorithm for detecting and decoding group policy passwords.
 Some improvements in the algorithm that is used by the program to roll back changes for a local PC.
 Some problems detecting, processing, and resetting lockout flags were fixed. For both local and domain accounts.
 A bug recovering SAM and Active Directory passwords using Artificial Intelligence power has been fixed.

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