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Windows Password Recovery v13.2

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Windows Password Recovery v13.2

Windows Password Recovery has been updated to version 13.2:
 Support for Windows 10 2004 H2.
 The tool for creating wordlists by indexing file content supports multithreading now. The files are processing much much faster on CPUs with multiple cores.
 The wordlist generation tool got a new option for creating dictionaries by names enumeration only, skipping file content.
 A new and improved version of HTML parser: faster processing speed, fixed some problems with character encoding.
 Windows 2003 and higher server OSes store noisy (randomly created) data in LM slots if the LM authentication is disabled on the server. The new version of the program has a new option for zeroing out the trash LM hashes if they do not conform to the real passwords.
 A bug decrypting Windows Hello credentials was fixed.
 A searching text bug in the hash list was fixed. Some text with national characters (if ones were not corresponding to the default codepage) were processed incorrectly.
 A memory bug decrypting some Windows Hello credentials has been eliminated.

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