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Reset Windows Password v10.3

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Reset Windows Password v10.3

Reset Windows Password has been updated to version v10.3. This update includes the following changes:

 A new feature for creating disk images. Using the program's simple 3-step interface, it's now easy to clone a logical disk or make an image of the whole physical disk or a certain partition.
 Windows PIN history decryption. You can use the Logon policy editor to turn on/off the PIN history in Windows 10.
 Support for 7z archives when parsing email attachments, searching for passwords in recently used files, running Artificial Intelligence attack, etc.
 A brand-new HTML/email parsing engine that was rebuilt from scratch with more thorough data analysis in mind. The HTML/email parsing engine is aimed mostly to generate a user vocabulary. For example, when extracting email correspondence, recently used files, typed-in words in browser search, etc. This vocabulary is used then for guessing plaintext passwords. The main advantage of the new engine is:
  • Faster processing of plain HTML files;
  • Better detection of text encoding;
  • Much deeper processing of email attachments. For example, if the program finds an attachment as a ZIP file, it unpacks the content of the archive, enumerates the files, and extracts words from every file to put them into a general wordlist (to be used later for password guessing). If the ZIP file in the attachment is password-protected, the program first tries all previously found credentials to guess the password for the archive;
 Now the program can display the last modification date for extracted Windows Hello credentials, plaintext PINs, PIN history, Picture Passwords, etc.
 Updates for the Chinese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, and Russian interfaces. Thanks to Liang Piau Suk, Laurent Debard, Dhiren Prajapati for keeping it up-to-date.
 Interface enhancements.

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