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Reset Windows Password v12.0

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Reset Windows Password v12.0

Reset Windows Password v12.0 with a new feature set for analyzing media files stored by Windows Photo:

 Windows media forensic. This is a new set of tools for analyzing pictures and video files stored in the Windows Photo database. This set includes:
  • Photos - a general report with all found images and their properties. Such as size, date taken, location, caption, source device and properties, etc.
  • Photo faces - a list of detected faces
  • Photo persons - a list of faces grouped by persons
  • Photo tags - a list of detected objects ranged by tags
  • Photo OCR - recognized characters and words
  • Photo locations - locations where photos were taken
  • Photo dates - dates when photos were taken
  • Camera models - images grouped by camera model
  • Camera manufacture - images grouped by camera manufacture
  • Multimedia applications - software that was used for editing
  • Photo albums - a list of photo albums
  • Video - a general report with found video items and their properties. Such as size, date produced, duration, caption, copyright, etc.
  • Video faces - a list of detected faces in video files
  • Video persons - a list of faces grouped by persons
  • Video tags - a list of detected objects in video files, ranged by tags
  • Video dates - dates when video files were produced
  • Video albums - a list of video albums
  • Album views - album view statistics
  • File views - media view statistics
  • Imports - a history of import actions
  • Searches - a history of search queries in media database
  • Shared items - media files shared by user
  • Print history - media files printed by user
 Search for textual passwords in images. The Artificial Intelligence attack can now use the optical character recognition module to extract words from images stored in the Windows Photo database. If a user saved some passwords as a picture or as a screenshot using Windows Photo, the program can extract the text passwords from the images and use them for further recovery. It's proved to be working efficiently on multiple real-life cases decrypting local and domain passwords, domain cached credentials, encrypted documents, Windows Hello PINs, etc.
 New themed interface, redesigned main dialog, a lot of minor improvements.
 Hungarian language interface.
 Updates for French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Spanish and Russian interfaces. Thanks guys for keeping it up-to-date.
 A minor bug in the rollback dialog.

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