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Windows Password Recovery 5.2

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.8.5
Minor update and bug fix
Reset Windows Password v13.2
A new feature for removing junk files and cleaning up registry files.
Windows Password Recovery v15.3.0
Windows Credentials Explorer
Reset Windows Password v13.1
Forensic tools to analyze Remote Desktop activity in Windows

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Windows Password Recovery 5.2

 The program can decrypt plaintext passwords of the currently logged on users now. All 32-bit systems are supported from Windows 2000 to Windows 8 beta.
 2 new GPU-based recovery modules were added: GPU fingerprint attack and GPU mask attack.
 Multiple GPU support. You can use multiple GPU devices for faster password recovery.
 Hybrid dictionary attack has a super-rules now. Super-rules should be used over the top of and should be applied to all other regular rules.
 New option to duplicate found passwords to text file.
 Some parameters were displayed incorrectly in Pass-o-meter addon.
 Online recovery bug fixed. Some requests to online database were not processed correctly.
 F3 hotkey incorrectly behavior fixed.
 Windows Password Recovery service DLL files have been rewritten to get rid of unhandled exceptions.
 GPU recovery engine has been reconstructed to get rid of some floating problems.
 Windows 8 enhanced compatibility.
 A number of minor improvements in Hybrid dictionary attack: rules sort and save option, new syntax checker engine, new ruleset file with all rules (used by default now), etc.
 Hybrid attack allows you to use aN rule in conjunction with other rules now. aN can also be uses as a super-rule.
 'Hash Add' dialog has been improved slightly. Now the hash or even PWDUMP text line is inserted automatically (from Windows clipboard) upon the dialog startup.
 Several enhancements in Online recovery module.

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