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Windows Password Recovery v8.2.1

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Wireless Password Recovery v6.8.5
Minor update and bug fix
Reset Windows Password v13.2
A new feature for removing junk files and cleaning up registry files.
Windows Password Recovery v15.3.0
Windows Credentials Explorer
Reset Windows Password v13.1
Forensic tools to analyze Remote Desktop activity in Windows

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Windows Password Recovery v8.2.1

New updated version of Windows Password Recovery has been submitted.

 Wordlist utilities were updated. New menu was added to remove HTML tags (like <i>, <H1>, </font>, etc. ), HTML entities (for example, &nbsp;, &amp;, &quote;) and other trash.
 Changes in French and Russian language interfaces.
 Numerous interface bugs were fixed. Thanks Laurent DEBARD for detecting, locating and removing the problems.
 Changes in the Baseword recovery. Fixed a problem that caused the program to hang up.
 Active Directory improper handling. Sometimes the program was unable to read AD in online mode.
 Fixed a problem with damaged user accounts that was caused by improper parsing of ntds.dit files. For example when loading hashes from Active Directory or using Active Directory Explorer tool.

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