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Office password recovery tools
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MS Office password recovery tools

A major update for Excel Password Recovery, PowePoint Password Recovery, and Word Password Recovery.

 This update supports old Microsoft Office 97-2003 file formats.
 Support for Hashcat and JohnTheRipper files with MS Office hashes.
 The Mask attack can be highly customized now by setting up a dictionary (or even several ones) right in the mask syntax.
 The program's built-in dictionary was expanded with new top-used and popular passwords.
 New speed benchmarks.
 New rules for the Hybrid dictionary attack.
 A new HTML/email parsing engine that has a much more thorough algorithm for data analysis. The HTML/email parsing engine is made for generating miscellaneous dictionaries. All it does is extracts user email correspondence, words from recently used files, typed-in queries in browser search, etc. This dictionary is used then in AI attacks, creating other dictionaries, etc. Some advantages of the new engine:
  • Faster processing of plain HTML files;
  • Better detection of text encoding;
  • Much deeper processing of email attachments. For example, if the program finds an attachment as a ZIP file, it unpacks the content of the archive, enumerates the files, extracts words from every file, and puts them into a general wordlist (to be used later for password guessing).;
 Minor improvements.
 A problem detecting fan speed on NVidia GTX and RTX cards has been eliminated.
 A bug was fixed when scanning and extracting HDD-sensitive data.
 A COM initialization bug was fixed. Sometimes the program was showing an error on exit.

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