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Setting Opera Master Password recovery options
Reset Windows Password v10.4.1
Support for Windows 10 21H1 and some extra enhancements
MS Office password recovery tools
Support for MS Office 97-2003 formats, a major update in the password analysis module and mask attack syntax, etc.
Office recovery tools
Some major changes in the password extraction module, mask attack syntax, etc.
Reset Windows Password v10.3
Disk image creation tool, Windows PIN history decryption, new HTML/email parsing engine

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Opera Master Password Recovery Screenshots:
setting Opera Master Password recovery options

Currently there are 8 decryption methods available:

  1. Preliminary attack is a simple set of mini sub-attacks.
  2. Artificial Intelligence attack. Scans your current system for the lost password.
  3. Dictionary attack. Try every word from a dictionary until the password is found. This attack is the most effective against simple passwords.
  4. Brute-force attack guesses the password by trying all probable password variants from a given character set.
  5. Mask attack is very helpful if there's any information about the password.
  6. Base-word attack is useful if a part or source word of the password is known.
  7. Combined dictionary attack - to guess complex passwords.
  8. Phrase attack uses to search complex password by looking through a dictionary with frequently used phrases.

Once selected a recovery type, you will be prompted for different options on the next Wizard page.