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Reset Windows Password v9.3

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MS Office password recovery tools
Support for MS Office 97-2003 formats, a major update in the password analysis module and mask attack syntax, etc.
Office recovery tools
Some major changes in the password extraction module, mask attack syntax, etc.
Reset Windows Password v10.3
Disk image creation tool, Windows PIN history decryption, new HTML/email parsing engine
Passcape Wordlist Collection
New wordlists with real passwords and user names

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You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action

Reset Windows Password v9.3

Reset Windows Password has been updated to v9.3.

 Support for Windows 10 1903.
 Support for Trusted Boot Auto-Logon.
 Microsoft Edge Dev (based on Chromium code) is supported now when recovering network/browser passwords.
 Some changes in the algorithm of decrypting browser, mail, and network credentials. A minor speedup when processing a big list of found passwords. Other enhancements.
 Support for new data storage when decrypting secret questions and answers for Windows 10 accounts.
 Some useful enhancements were added to the password backup tool.
 French, Spanish and Russian interfaces renewal. Thanks to Laurent Debard and Mr.X for providing the updates.

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