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Reset Windows Password v10.0

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Passcape Wordlist Collection
New wordlists with real passwords and user names
Wireless Password Recovery v6.4.4
Some improvements and bug fixes
Windows Password Recovery v13.3
Some improvements in extracting and decrypting Windows PINs
Reset Windows Password v10.2
New tools to extract a list of last opened documents and programs

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Reset Windows Password v10.0

Reset Windows Password has been updated to version v10.0

 Password recovery for encrypted documents: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowePoint, OneNote, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, MyOffice, PDF.
 BitLocker key recovery and extraction from Active Directory.
 The program supports Gujarati and Hindi language interfaces now. Thanks go to Dhiren Prajapati.
 Update for French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish languages. Thanks to Laurent Debard and José Francisco Mendoza Martínez.
 Polish translation for the logon policy options tool.
 Some visual enhancements.
 A problem processing some old-style Firefox/Mozilla files. The program was unable to decrypt plaintext passwords for certain versions of Firefox/Mozilla, etc.
 A buffer overflow error decrypting domain DPAPI masterkeys has been fixed.
 Some interface bugs in the rollback dialog have been eliminated.

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