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Windows Password Recovery v14.0

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Reset Windows Password v14.0
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Windows Password Recovery v14.0

Windows Password Recovery v 14.0 is available now. What’s new in this version:
 Support for Windows 21H2.
 Support for GPU devices when recovering Windows PINs. The process of PIN recovery became much much faster now.
 A simple mask attack was added to the fast PIN search dialog.
 The statistics report outputs some additional info about wordlists: the number of Latin, non-Latin and digital words, words with special and non-printable characters, etc. Word processing speed has been increased slightly.
 Support for Reset Windows Password backup files when loading hashes into the program.
 The Active Directory Explorer has got some new attribute descriptions.
 The built-in English dictionary was updated. Some new popular passwords were added.
 Some improvements when extracting plaintext Windows PINs.
 The hash import from the local machine can be used to load Windows PINs as well.
 The dialog for loading hashes from binary files has been reconstructed. An additional tab for importing Windows PINs was added there.
 Speed optimization when recovering Windows PINs. Up to 8-x speedup for CPUs with AVX2 instruction set.
 Significant speedup when packing (Wordlist conversion, registry/AD back tool) and unpacking (AI attack, miscellaneous wordlist tools, etc.) ZIP files and data.
 Some changes in the program's options.
 Update for French and Russian interfaces. Thanks, Laurent Debard for keeping it up to date.
 Some GUI enhancements.
 Memory leaks in DCC2 recovery when a password is found.
 A minor Windows Hello engine initialization bug was fixed.
 The dictionary feature "sort by string length and save to multiple files" worked incorrectly.
 DCC hashes were stored improperly in project files and caused problems sometimes.
 Some problems unpacking data and files from damaged ZIP archives were fixed.
 The GPU dictionary-force attack was working incorrectly (for DCC2 recovery only).

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