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Reset Windows Password v11.4

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Windows Credentials Explorer
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Forensic tools to analyze Remote Desktop activity in Windows
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New templates to seach for default passwords of some broadband WiFi routers
Reset Windows Password v13.0
Full support for Windows 11, duplicate file finder, checksum calculator and some new tools

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Reset Windows Password v11.4

Reset Windows Password v11.4 has brought some new forensic features and interface improvements:

 Windows activity timeline. This is a new utility that shows activity history of any local or domain account.
 Clipboard history. This tool extracts and decrypts text, pictures, and other data stored by Windows clipboard. The Windows clipboard is cleared out every time the user logs off the system. However, if the clipboard history option is on, the system preserves and saves the clipboard.  Thus, the data can be easily extracted and decrypted even after the system shutdown. This is what this new tool is for. The program supports the Windows shared clipboard, the clipboard history and clipboard sync data.
 The password and private data backup tool supports Windows activity timeline now.
 The Artificial Intelligence attack has got a new clipboard analysis module as well. The attack searches for any saved words, passwords, and text (including Windows clipboard) of every local and domain user. Then it mixes up and varies the found words to get a list of password candidates and at last uses the password candidates to check the plaintext password user needs to guess. This feature works when searching for the following items:
  • Local and domain users' passwords
  • Domain cached credentials
  • Plaintext passwords to encrypted documents. For example, Microsoft Office or PDF files.
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Syskey password
  • Passwords for encrypted virtual OSes
 Some interface enhancement. All program dialogs are resizable now.
 Sometimes running a custom recovery (a dictionary, hybrid or mask attack) caused the program to fail unexpectedly.

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