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Reset Windows Password v9.6

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Reset Windows Password v9.6

Reset Windows Password has been updated to version 9.6. New features of this update:
 The program has got support for custom recovery when decrypting SAM and NTDS.DIT hashes, domain cached credentials, Syskey and Windows PIN. The customization includes three general methods so far: Dictionary, Hybrid and Mask attack.
 Support for a new type of password encryption that was introduced in Google Chrome v80 as well as in other Chromium browsers. New versions of the Google Chrome encrypt passwords using AES-256-GCM algorithm and a system-generated 32-byte random key protected with DPAPI. The program supports the new type of encryption now.
 Some enhancements in the algorithm for extracting passwords of Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, etc. The thing is that all private data in those browsers are encrypted using DPAPI which requires logon credentials. Thus, providing logon password is necessary to decrypt the browser data. However, the program can decrypt the data without logon credentials in certain cases. The new (optional) algorithm, even though became a bit slower, provides a more efficient and automated way of doing it.
 Update for French and Russian interface languages. Thanks to Laurent Debard for the update as well as for some usability hints.

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