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Reset Windows Password v12.1

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Reset Windows Password v12.1

The Reset Windows Password has been updated to v12.1 with the following changes:

 Recycle Bin history. This is a new tool that scans every hard drive, extracts all deleted files of every found Recycle Bin for every user account, and binds the data into a single list.
 The USB history displays the list of storage devices that were connected to the computer earlier, their sizes, serial numbers, as well as some other technical information, such as MBR or partition tables.
 The data backup tool now supports extracting system events and system resource monitor logs.
 Windows PIN dump. This is a new feature for saving Windows Hello PINs to text files. You can use the dumps later to speed up the PIN recovery process. For example, using our Windows Password Recovery.
 Support for Azure AD accounts.
 Support for Kiosk accounts.
 Instant password recovery for some user accounts. To be more precise, for all ones that have a biometric logon and no TPM protection. The new feature works, for example, when decrypting network credentials.
 In this version, we updated the DPAPI decryption module significantly. Now it has a full-scale support for Microsoft and Azure AD accounts, works with password-less accounts, includes some improvements in ARSO submodule (one that allows decrypting data without user password or PIN), etc.
 Enhanced compatibility with password-less accounts.
 Update for Chinese user interface.
 The local user selection dialog has been revised slightly. Now it displays the last logon time, supports for Kiosk and AzureAD users (aka work or school) accounts, etc.
 A number of minor improvements.
 A hangout error creating *.E01 images of physical drives.

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