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Reset Windows Password v13.0

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Reset Windows Password v13.0

The Reset Windows Password tool has been updated to version 13.0. It includes the following changes:

 Full support for Windows 11. This version also has some important compatibility fix-ups when working with Windows 11 OSes.
 File checksum calculator. This is a new tool for creating file checksums, as well as for hashing files to ensure data integrity. The tool uses different hashing algorithms, such as CRC-32, MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, and SHA-512. It can work in a batch mode computing and verifying checksums of multiple files of any requested directory.
 Duplicate file finder. If you have thousands of music files, documents, photos or videos and you are running out of disk space, this tool is right for you. It will help you to locate and remove useless file duplicates, empty files or folders literally, in a couple of mouse-clicks. We tried to make this tool as fast as possible and optimized the file processing speed for SSDs and multi core CPUs.
 SQLite viewer. This is an extremely simple tool for viewing and analyzing databases in SQLite format.
 OS boot status viewer. This tool keeps track of the boot process and identifies any issues that may occur during boot. The tool parses the bootstat.dat file and extracts boot information stored by Windows Boot Manager, including but not limited to the previous boot sequence, the last successful boot and any previous failed attempts. This can be vital when you need to determine the cause of any boot failures, such as a crash or unexpected shutdown. If Windows fails to start up properly, the Boot status explorer can be used to determine the cause of the failure and provide guidance on how to resolve the problem.
 The Windows Search database explorer supports for the newest format of the Windows Search engine. The Windows 11 Search format migrated from ESE to SQLite database and some properties and logic have changed slightly after migration. Both old and new formats can be handled perfectly by the new version now.
 The backup tool supports new items, including some e-wallets.
 BitLocker drive decryption has a new option that allows users to get BitLocker recovery keys back from their Microsoft accounts.
 Out-of-the-box support for new HDD and SSD drives, including some NVMe ones.
 This update has some minor problems fixed and applies several enhancements in the Network password recovery module.
 Some general improvements handling user accounts configured for a passwordless sign-in.
 The module of the personal data extraction from Chrome and Chromium-based Web browsers performs much faster, analyses deeper and fetches more data now. This module is used by the data backup tool.
 Language update for French, Gujarati, Hungarian, Hindi, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian interfaces. Thanks to all guys who keeping it up-to-date.
 This version has a fix for the problem of the instant data decryption using Windows Hello facial or fingerprint biometrics (without providing password or pin). The previous version sometimes failed to decrypt DPAPI credentials using Windows Hello saved biometrics.
 The previous version had a severe error backing up wireless network profiles, passwords of Microsoft accounts, and Azure AD credentials for some machines.

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