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Reset Windows Password v14.0

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Reset Windows Password v14.0

We've just released a new update, and added a couple of new features that we think you'll love. Here's a quick rundown::

 First, statistics and analysis reports were revised and given advanced visualization. Depending on your needs (and the type of the report), each report can include lots of additional information, such as OS statistics, user profile information, installed hardware/software, like antiviruses or browsers, disk information, and much more - over 50 items in total!
 The new file statistics tool generates extended information on files and folders, the types and categories files belong to, top largest/newest items, etc. Just input a logical disk to get started!
 We've also added a brand-new disk space analyzer tool. It'll help you analyze disk free space and find the top folders that take up too much space, allowing you to free up some space on your logical drives.
 Our Windows search database explorer now has a new option that extracts information on deleted files and data. Plus, it can create dictionary files with all words extracted from the Windows search database! This feature is perfect for further analysis or for use in any password recovery software.
 Next, additional improvements have been made, such as a general enhancement to the Windows product key extraction algorithm, as well as improved hardware information in certain dialogs, better NVME/SCM/virtual drive detection in some tools, and much more.
 We've also made some interface revisions and enhancements, as well as updated some interface languages.
 Lastly, we've improved the algorithm for detection of the last user logon/logoff time to make it even more accurate.
 Oh yes, and mistakes, where would we be without them. Some interface bugs have been fixed. There was also an error launching the Logon History and Statistics tool, which occurred because the program could not detect the Active Directory database automatically.

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