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Reset Windows Password v14.1

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Reset Windows Password v14.2
Telegram data recovery, Photo Database and Media Player investigation tools, and some more
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Dumping the history of users' IP addresses in Windows
Reset Windows Password v14.1
IP addresses history viewer, fast disk search, local security editor and some more

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Reset Windows Password v14.1

Good news everyone!) In this release, we're rolling out a couple of game-changing and unique features that you hopefully might find interesting:

 Now, you can easily track the history of external IP addresses linked to any user account on Windows. With this revolutionary tool, you can dive a bit deep into users' network history, revealing the specific IP addresses they've used to connect to the network along with the respective timestamps. This feature is not available in any other application!
 We have also added a fantastic new feature that allows you to search for files and their contents on your disk in the blink of an eye! Our cutting-edge search algorithm is setting a new benchmark for speed and accuracy compared to other Windows programs. To give you an idea of its power, imagine processing hundreds of file masks simultaneously (the program includes some ready-to-use rules) with wildcards on a typical user disk containing around 1 million files in just a few seconds on average. Moreover, our program offers advanced search rules tailored to meet the needs of the most discerning and sophisticated users and supports all file systems available in Windows.
 This update also brings some additional improvements, such as new password recovery modules (for example, recovery module for saved passwords of the FAR FTP client). These enhancements extend to the decryption of plaintext passwords for local and domain accounts, as well as for PDF/Office documents, virtual machines, and more.
 The logon policy editor now has a variety of new local security options available.
 The recent user activity feature has been enhanced to extract and display even more files and folders user accessed recently.
 Lastly, we've added some new hard disk drivers in this update.
 The database incompatibility error that occurred when decrypting some SRUM (System Resource Usage Monitor) databases Windows 11 2H23 has been fixed.
 CPU overusage bug in the network dialog has been nailed as well.
 Additionally, we've addressed a buffer overflow bug that was affecting the programs timeline parsing, along with fixing some interface issues.

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